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Calling all walkers - we hear you

Greg Caplan
CEO Spot

Today we are launching Spot to make walking meetings better.

Are you a walker?  If not, you might want to sit this one out… Walkers move the world forward and do their best work while walking.

“I am extremely happy walking on the downs - I like to have space to spread my mind out in.” - VIRGINIA WOLF 

“Walking is great for brainstorming, getting to know people better, and chewing over issues.” - STEVE JOBS

“You ask me where I get my ideas. They come unsummoned, directly, indirectly - out in the open air, in the woods, while walking, in the silence of the nights, at dawn, excited by moods which are translated by the poet into words.” - BEETHOVEN

Walking relaxes your brain and stimulates your mind into a natural state of flow.  This amplifies your focus and activates your creative juices.  

We are walkers.  

I have been passionate about walking and walking meetings ever since crumbling under the weight of Zoom fatigue while building Remote Year.  After spending 10,000+ hours on walking calls, it finally dawned on me.  All of these tools are built for sitters.

Sitters love video calls.  If sitting works for you, seeing the people you are talking to adds a lot of unspoken context to the conversation.  If you are a walker, leaving your video on will give the other people a seizure and showing up with your camera off is incredibly rude to do.  

Sitters share screens.  If sitting works for you, it’s much easier to make your points with lots of supporting material.  If you are a walker, you have to simplify down the conversation to its core essence and convey it primarily through what you say.  

Sitters take notes.  If sitting works for you, taking notes is a great way to remember what people said during a call.  If you are a walker, you have to figure out creative ways to remember the most important takeaways.

Walkers need tools too.  The best tool available today is a simple phone call, but they were literally created over 100 years ago.  We believe we can do better.  We don’t have all of the answers yet, but we are listening and want to hear what you need.  

Are you a walker?  Join our movement.

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