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How to Have Better One-on-One Meetings with Remote Employees | Jessica Lackey

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For us at Spot, one-on-one meetings are the best way to foster deeper relationships with remote teams.

Jessica Lackey is a consultant and coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs build stronger businesses through radical strategy. We asked her to share her tips for successful 1:1s.

Spot: Why Radical Strategy?

Jessica: Because it is not about “The Business Machine” (working 24/7, 365 days) anymore but about people and their feelings. As a business owner, you have to be intentional about promoting human-centric relationships. You have to lead your team toward a common horizon and stay committed to a shared long-term strategy. If people don’t know WHY are they doing their jobs - and feel like they are just parts of a machine - they will probably burn out.

S: How do you suggest structuring the path for a long-term strategy?

J: Actually, you have to be organized when it comes to the roadmap of your 1 on 1s.

On a weekly basis, you work on the tactics, blockers, and operational perspectives.

On a monthly basis, you check if there is strategic alignment between people’s outcomes and business goals.

On a quarterly basis, it’s good to dedicate time for in-depth feedback sessions. Team members can speak about their experiences and be encouraged to share their thoughts. 

Once a year, one-on-ones should be a space for Performance Reviews which can include long-term vision and personal growth.

S: What tips or tricks can you share about the successful management of remote teams?

J: You have to make sure you have all the tools you need to be supportive and empower the ecosystem of your employees. As a manager, you’re responsible for your team’s success. This is not a one-day job — one-on-ones aren’t just another To Do to check off the list. Think of 1:1s as a road you’re on with your team, and you must follow this common road together to arrive at the same destination. 

S: Do you think Spot can support successful team management?

J: Having the opportunity to walk and having a roadmap on the agenda is nice, I can break free from my desk. It would be good to have “templates” or leading questions depending on the type of meeting you are going to have, like a toolkit for managers.

S: Noted! Keep an eye out for exciting updates on that front from us soon! ;) 

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