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How to Host an Efficient Walking Meeting

Jeanette Pelizzon

Walking meetings are the new video call. The masses are overwhelmed by calendars jam-packed with “this could have been an email” video calls. The people are begging for a change that still keeps them COVID safe. As the weather in the Northern Hemisphere gets warmer, more and more people are opting to disconnect from their cameras and learning to embrace a good walking meeting. The key to making sure your walking meeting goes off without a stumble - preparation.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” - Benjamin Franklin 

Make sure everyone is on the same page. 
Let attendees know that it will be a walking meeting well in advance. This way people can prepare to have on the right clothes to hit the streets, have their dog ready to go, and a water bottle handy. If you take someone by surprise, the likelihood of them feeling comfortable will be low and will negate the myriad of benefits provided by walking. 

Plan it out.
Did you know that only 37% of meetings use an agenda? Or that using an agenda can decrease meeting time by 80%? Make sure you have a set agenda that all attendees can view and add to before a walking meeting begins. This way your team can come prepared, stay focused, and be more productive overall. 

The journey is the destination - or is it? 

Have a route planned out. Most importantly, so you don’t get lost but also so you can focus on what’s happening instead of where you are. If you are in a city, find a fun landmark to make your destination. If you are in a more rural area, find a beautiful view to take in while you walk. It will do wonders for the creative parts of your noggin.  

Small Groups 

While we love walking meetings here at Spot, we agree that there is a time and place for them. Keep walking meetings to 1:1’s or small groups - of about 4 people. We suggest a walking meeting for weekly catch-ups, brainstorm sessions, or quick updates. Anything that doesn’t absolutely require a screen share.

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