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Online Meeting Platforms: 6 Features That Support Productivity

For Walking Meetings & Remote Work

One of the many changes brought about by the pandemic has been the rise in popularity (and necessity) of remote work. Away from their offices, workers have increased their productivity by 77%. The growing indispensability of remote work has led to the mounting frequency of online meetings and the heightened demand for the necessary meeting software to support them. While having many options for online meeting platforms is generally a good thing, choosing one that best fits your needs can be confusing. Decide better and faster with this rundown of the top features to look for when shopping for an online meeting platform. 


1. Is your “steal” the real deal? 

From free offerings to low-cost platforms to more premium-priced solutions, the software offerings of our increasingly digital-savvy world give you a vast range of price tags to choose from. Before you zero in on the bargain sites, consider more than just the upfront cost.

Assess what your business requirements are and if the features of the software tool can satisfy them. No matter how much the markdown is, if a software tool cannot support your needs, it may cost your productivity in the long run.  

Distinguish the “nice-to-have” features from the ones that are truly essential, especially if your company has a limited budget. 


2. Is your schedule up to date?

Without geographical limitations, meeting online gives us the opportunity to connect with more clients and stakeholders, which means even more remote meetings. An online meeting platform that simultaneously allows you to schedule meetings with ease and makes it hassle-free for invitees to RSVP can help save precious minutes spent on task-oriented activities. 

An effective scheduling feature also gives you the flexibility to set up meetings in multiple communication tools. Spot, for example, allows you to schedule meetings by simply pasting your meeting link directly into calendar invites.  

With well-structured and integrative scheduling features in your virtual meeting platform, everything should go as planned. 


3. Can you walk your talk?

The freedom to choose where to work and how you work can boost productivity.

According to Erica Price, a certified therapeutic recreational specialist, walking or spending time outdoors can improve our health and overall wellbeing by reducing the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. Studies show that being in nature can improve your mood and enhance focus, which can help you have better relationships with your co-workers and do your job more efficiently and effectively. An online meeting platform that includes a feature for mobility can significantly raise your productivity quotient.

Spot, for instance, is designed for maximum “walkability.” For audio-only calls that don’t need screen-sharing (e.g., daily stand-ups and weekly 1:1s), its walker-friendly technology can keep you in the know while supporting you on the go.


4. Do you care to share?

For virtual meetings that require visual presentations (think comprehensive training sessions and product presentations), screen-sharing is a must-have feature. 

Choose an online meeting platform that can support minimal pixelation. 

Graphs, flowcharts, and diagrams can be challenging enough without grainy and blurry imaging. 

Another essential feature of a screen-sharing app enables the sharing of content across multiple devices. Being able to switch from a laptop to a mobile phone with ease gives online meeting participants more flexibility to cope with the multitasking challenges of remote work.


5. Is it noteworthy?

Inefficient documentation can sabotage online meeting productivity. Missed and forgotten notes can result in misunderstandings about priorities and next steps. 

Therefore, a note-taking feature is essential because it helps you accurately take meeting minutes in real-time.  

Sure, you can multitask. But multitasking presupposes a certain level of adeptness over the simplest jobs. This proficiency allows you to do one thing in mechanical mode while working on another that requires a bit more brain activity. But the ability to think well requires focus. A powerful online digital platform that can transcribe your meeting notes and record the conversation will free up your brain space so you can think and process.

The Spot app has the perfect solution for you with its AI-enabled Smart Assistant feature. Just say “Spot, fetch” to activate the transcription feature and this will transcribe the last 45 seconds of a call.  


6. Is it user-friendly? 

A most-coveted feature of any online meeting platform is an intuitive and uncomplicated user interface that is easy to learn and use. Its elements, such as icons and menus, should be straightforward enough to allow even newbies to get on board quickly. An effective user interface should also eliminate the need to input complex commands, empowering everyone to worry less about navigating and focus more on performing. 

Consider these productivity-boosting features to ensure that your online meeting platform of choice is “spot on.” ;) 

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